If it matters, we measure it. 

MGC is a metrics-driven law firm committed to providing our clients with reporting, compliance and results far above the industry standard.

Metrics are used to manage our firm's performance and make data-driven decisions to ensure long-term success in a highly competitive legal industry. While focused on legal matters, our team is also in tune with the stressors facing our clients regarding managing expenses and containing costs.

Data Driven Decision Making

Data Tracking & Analysis

For over a decade, we have tracked data and information to allow for us to not only keep metrics, but to use the data to more efficiently and effectively handle your cases. At MGC, metrics are not only shared externally with our clients, but also used internally to guide our lawyers and legal teams as they partner with their clients to provide the best possible result. 

Data changes behaviors and, knowing this, we not only track and measure, but we then analyze and use data to ensure we are providing the highest level of client service married with a cost-effective approach. For example, we capture bill audit data to help ensure that our legal professionals are engaged in appropriate client-approved legal tasks. We measure inactivity in cases to compel action to move cases toward resolution. Our lawyers also have daily access to their client KPIs like Cycle Time and Fees Per Case. 


We compile metrics that drive compliance with client reporting directives. This allows us to monitor trends in our performance metrics to best portray the law practice behaviors of our legal professionals and the success of our metrics-driven results.