At MGC, our administrative team shares our legal professionals’ commitment to excellent client service. Bringing expertise and diverse mindsets to the firm, our business professionals manage firm operations to IT to talent, and everything in between. Our business professionals provide insight and strategy to MGC, allowing our legal professionals to better serve our clients.

Why Team MGC?

With more than 700 employees across 12 states, we have grown since 1995, but the small-firm feel and focus on people and relationships has remained. At MGC, our attorneys, legal professionals and administrative professionals are committed to serving our clients in efficient and innovative ways. We are also committed to building and maintaining a firm culture where diverse, dynamic teams across our large geographic footprint have every tool available to them for professional success.

“I have held a few positions at MGC and have always felt supported in developing each role, contributing to my team and advancing within the firm. I am fortunate to have great mentors as well as successful collaborations outside of my team.”

-Christy Johnson | Practice Management Specialist