We would like to introduce you to MGC Philadelphia attorney Liz McBride. Liz joined the firm in June 2022 with a practice that focuses on insurance coverage and litigation.

“I enjoy that my job requires attention to detail, and involves using creative solutions to solve complex problems for clients," says Liz. "I find it rewarding when I am presented with a difficult coverage question to analyze, and am able to address and explain the issue to the client in a way that is clear and helpful. ”

April was Stress Awareness Month and May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Do you have any advice for new associates on how to best manage stress?
“When it comes to managing stress, my best advice to new associates would be to make sure that you set aside some time during the week to center your energy and your focus, whether that includes going for a walk, taking a fitness class or just simply pursuing a hobby that you love. I find that stress starts to become overwhelming when we don’t take the time to remind ourselves that we are capable of handling it, and that better days are ahead. I also find that when we do things we enjoy, it helps remind us who we are, and how far we have come.”

What is one fun fact about yourself that not many people know?
“When I was five years old I took singing lessons in a group of three other girls. On the day of our performance of the song 'You’re a Grand Old Flag' our microphones didn’t work. The song started to play and we didn’t know what to do, so I just grabbed my microphone anyway and started singing, hoping no one would realize. The other girls in my group followed my lead, and we made it through our performance. It was a valuable lesson, at a young age, that sometimes things don’t always go as planned, but the show must go on.”


Liz throughout the years; from playing NCAA Division III basketball at Immaculata University and participating in Seton Hall Law School's Moot Court Competition, to running in a 5k and rooting on the Philadelphia Eagles.


Elizabeth A. McBride

Philadelphia, PA