Checkout our fourth Black History Month feature on MGC Atlanta attorney Mark Edwards.

Born in Chicago and raised in metro Atlanta, Mark Edwards graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in Business Administration. “Before going to law school, I sold auto, property and life insurance for a large organization,” he says. “While selling insurance, I acquired an interest in its legal aspects.”

Mark attended Georgia State University’s College of Law, and after practicing for half a decade, joined MGC Atlanta’s litigation team in 2019. “I am part of the Obama wave of African American lawyers following his election,” he adds. “As with many others, I was inspired and gained confidence by seeing someone who looks like me become the President of the United States."

This year, Mark was not only named in Best Lawyers©: Ones to Watch for his work in Commercial Litigation, but also joined the firm’s Belong @ MGC committee—which recently debuted the MGC Diversity Scholarship to provide diverse law students with access to opportunities that will aid in their development as legal professionals. “Law school can be really expensive, which serves a financial barrier to many minorities,” Mark adds. “In addition, student loans indirectly drive up the cost of legal services which negatively impacts historically disenfranchised communities.”