Attorney Wade Manor joined MGC’s Jackson office in February after practicing at an insurance defense firm in Mississippi for nearly three decades, where he started as a law clerk following his first year of law school and continued through his career to become senior partner. “My law practice, from the beginning, has focused on defending insurance companies, insureds and self-insureds in all aspects of civil litigation defense,” he says. “My work not only includes litigating and trying cases, but also assisting professionals with responses to licensing agencies, consulting in risk management for future liability avoidance and providing seminars for clients on Mississippi legal issues.” Wade has also been named to the Mid-South Super Lawyers list since 2017, recognizing his professional success among peers and the litigation industry as a whole.

“While my time at MGC has been short, I have been very impressed with the dedication the entire firm has to the insurance defense industry and the willingness to put everything they have into this work,” says Wade. “I think the immediate response of creating the COVID-19 Response Team, is evidence of this commitment.”

As a member of MGC’s COVID-19 Response Team, Wade anticipates that claims on business interruption loses will continue for the immediate future. “Whether due to civil ‘shut down’ orders, supply chain disruptions or simply a complete lack of customers based on ‘shelter-in-place’ recommendations, the widespread economic losses will cause insureds (and governments) to turn to insurance companies to pay,” he says. “I believe that, while some liability cases will be filed, the coverage questions will not be as significant but the defense of those cases will be very strong simply from a proximate causation problem.”

Wade stresses his ongoing commitment to being available to clients 24/7 to address any questions or concerns. “In addition, our clients need to know that, regardless of the societal pressure that will come with defending a claim by an insured or third-party, we are on their side,” he says. “To simply ask an insurance company to pay because insurers are easy targets, is not acceptable.”

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