Regulation 67-1602 has been amended and now requires periodic payments of temporary disability and reimbursement for expenses to be paid by electronic payment systems, such as electronic funds transfer, direct deposit, debit card or similar payment system, with conditions. The employer or employer’s representative must provide the claimant notice of the method of electronic payment available and how to access it on or before the date compensation becomes due. The claimant may at any time elect in writing or electronically to receive such payments by check and the employer or employer’s representative shall honor such request.

An employer or employer’s representative may petition the Workers' Compensation Commission for an order allowing the payer to make such payments using a check. The petition shall be filed in the form of a motion, along with a $50.00 filing fee. The Commission shall only grant such petitions for a period not to exceed two years from the effective date of the regulation and only upon a showing of hardship by the payer. The petitions shall be decided by written order of the Commission, with right to review and appeal as in other cases.

The amended regulation is effective as of May 13, 2024, and may be found here.

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