Meet MGC Atlanta Practice Management Specialist Kaitlyn Crawford.

"Being a military spouse is hard. It is a lifestyle not everyone is able to do. You deal with the unpredictability constantly as well as all the emotions that come with it. My husband has been in the Army for six going on seven years. We are on our third duty station (currently all the way in Washington State) and he is deployed in the middle east at the moment.

I met my husband while I was actually working the MGC Nashville office. I have honestly been so blessed that MGC has allowed me to move around with the Army and still maintain my job. I have worked in the Nashville, Columbia, Charleston, Atlanta and now Philadelphia office all while continuing to move for the Army. That stability has truly helped with me adjusting to all the different places we go. With my husband recently deploying, my team has not only been awesome covering for me when I was out but also have been so supportive and caring. I truly could not do it without them.

I am so grateful for everything the Army and MGC have allowed me to experience."