Form 14B (Physician's Statement) Modified for Clarity

In September of this year, the Commission revised the language on the Form 14B for the purpose of clarifying information on whether or not future medical care and treatment will be required (R67-802 and R67-803). The change prompted several stakeholders to express concerns about the form’s revised language. Chairman Beck convened an ad hoc advisory group of stakeholder representatives to discuss the concerns and recommend any changes to the Commission to address the expressed concerns.

The group met over several weeks and presented their recommendations to the Commission. The Commission reviewed the recommendations and supporting information and approved the language on Form 14B. The Commission prefers that the parties begin using the revised Form 14B immediately; however, the Commission will continue to accept the previous Form 14B (dated 9/13) so long as it is completed by the physician before January 1, 2017. Beginning on March 1, 2017, the Commission will require the use of the newly revised Form 14B (dated 12/2016).

Please use the most recent forms available on the Commission’s website.

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