Meet Brad Jacobs, MGC Memphis attorney and United States Navy veteran.

Where did you serve?
"Biloxi, San Diego, Seattle, Norfolk"

Why did you join?
"My Great Grandfather served in the Marines during WWI, Grandfather during WWII and Korea, my Uncles were in Vietnam, older cousins served in Desert Storm, so it was a right of passage you could say. Growing up I was always fascinated by all of their stories. Also, the GI Bill was a huge bonus."

What was your training experience like?
"I was a meteorologist in the Navy, so a lot of my time was in the classroom, learning about upper atmospheric dynamics and how that affects our aircraft during flight. But during my deployments to the Middle East, I was on an aircraft carrier, where we all worked 12 hour shifts everyday for months at a time, which was a great incentive to go to law school."

Tell us about some of your most memorable experiences.
"Being deployed made for long days and months, but there is a bond amongst those that you served with that has proven to withstand the test of time. I have a lot of friends and my wife because of my time in the Navy. I fondly recall how much I disliked the 4am PT sessions, but how much I miss them now because we were all in it together. Also, riding elephants in a Thailand jungle was pretty awesome."

How did your service and experiences affect your life?
"The Navy certainly gave me perspective of a lot of things, from handling high stress moments on the job, to genuinely appreciating the time I get to spend at home with family."