Checkout our first Women's History Month spotlight on practice management specialist Sharon Strubel of MGC Charleston.

"My greatest female influence was my Mamaw Grace. She was a great woman of faith and a very hard worker. With only a high school education she had several jobs including tobacco farming, factory work and as a presser at a maternity outlet. She was an amazing cook and she had two vegetable gardens every summer. She worked her daily job, prepared dinner when she got home and worked in her garden until dark. In the evenings she cleaned the vegetables she harvested, bagged and weighed them to take to work the next day. As a young girl I observed her strong work ethic and helped her prepare her goods to sell at work. On her lunch break each day she sold all the vegetables we prepared the night before. I loved that she let me help her and I learned a lot from her. On Sundays she was always in church where she was a soloist, and Sunday family dinners were the best. She passed away unexpectedly at the age of 68 due to medical malpractice. After she passed I received the scale we used to weigh the veggies she sold at work. It is a great reminder of the strong woman she was and the inspiration she was to me and the women in our family."


Pictured left are Sharon's Mamaw and Papaw.
Pictured right is Mamaw's scale.