Supreme Court Issues Order Regarding Operation of the Trial Courts + USDC Issues Fifth Order Regarding Video and Telephone Conferencing

July 30, 2021 | Supreme Court of South Carolina
The purpose of this Order is to provide guidance on the continued operation of the trial courts during the current COVID-19 emergency. This is the fourth time this Order has been amended. The expiration date of the Order has been extended to August 31, 2021.

The 7-30-21 Order is located here.

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June 17, 2021 | United States District Court - District of South Carolina
On April 2, 2020, this Court entered Standing Order 3:20-mc-00129-RBH (Standing Order) authorizing the use of video teleconferencing and telephone conferencing, under certain circumstances and with the consent of the defendant, for various criminal case events during the course of the COVID-19 emergency. See The CARES Act, II.R. 748. That Standing Order and any findings and authorizations are incorporated into this Fifth Amended Standing Order.

On July 1, 2020, in Amended Standing Order 3 :20-mc-00272-RBH, on September 29, 2020, in Second Amended Standing Order 3:20-mc-00439-RBH, on December 21, 2020, in Third Amended Standing Order 3:20-mc-00583-RBH, and on March 19, 2021, in Fourth Amended Standing Order 3 :21-00128-RBH, I, as Chief Judge, reviewed and extended the authorization in the Standing Order for an additional 90 days in all respects.

Now, again, pursuant to Section 15002(b)(3) of the CARES Act, I, as Chief Judge, have reviewed the authorization in the Standing Order and have determined to further extend it for an additional 90 days in all respects. Pursuant to Section 15002(b)(3) of the legislation, this authorization will remain in effect for 90 days unless terminated earlier. If emergency conditions continue to exist 90 days from the date of this order, I will review this authorization and determine whether to extend it.

The 6-17-21 Standing Order is located here.

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