Meet Terri Bernal, workers' compensation and litigation attorney in MGC's Nashville office. Bringing nearly two decades of insurance defense experience to the firm, she has persevered from the start of her legal career; Terri began her practice as the assistant attorney general for Tennessee in the Civil Rights and Claims Division and progressed to several insurance defense firms across the state.

Born in Chattanooga, Terri studied political science and American history at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; she then advanced to Baylor University where she earned a Juris Doctor. “The legal field, at its core, is about providing assistance to people who have a need for guidance and counseling, and I like to provide that service,” Terri says.

Passionate about her legal work and the desire to genuinely offer aid, Terri is avid about keeping-up with the latest legal trends to provide strategies and solutions tailored to every individual client's needs. “I tend to develop personal relationships with many of my clients,” she adds. Terri is also eager to provide one-on-one seminars covering recent legal developments.

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