Meet Kristen Williams, MGC Memphis paralegal and United States Army veteran.

Where did you serve?
"Ft. Campbell and Tour of Iraq (2005-2006)"

Why did you join?
"Like a lot of people around my age, I decided to join after 9/11. Watching the towers fall and the aftermath, I felt I needed to do something to ensure my niece would grow up having the same freedoms that I was able to enjoy. I felt a part of something important."

What was your training experience like?
“I was not mentally or emotionally prepared. I remember calling home and begging my mom to call anyone who would listen to help get me back home."

Tell us about some of your most memorable experiences.
“Through the company I was assigned to get to travel to different areas of the country I will probably never got to again. I met people from all over. During my tour in Iraq, I was stationed in Tikrit and worked with the locals. During this time, I learned more about humanity and compassion as I listened to their stories. I will be grateful for the kindness the locals showed."

How did your service and experiences affect your life?
“While I am not one for saying that the Military is for everybody, it certainly changed my life and gave me a purpose. I made life long friends and found the structure I needed to be successful."